Lulame Modular Healthcare Units

Our experienced team is ready to guide you through the process of designing your Lulame modular, mobile solution.

Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and to provide further information for shipping and installation. Your final cost will be determined after your consultation.

We provide solutions for short or long-term healthcare needs. Whether it be for a long-term hospital extension, clinic, special event, disaster relief or international aid. Also, at Lulame we provide both the option to lease and /or purchase our clinics.


Kindly note:  Price is ultimately determined by the level of customisation in you build.

*Leasing option is only available for clients utilising our clinics in South Africa

Take a look at an example of a modular unit, using the 3D models below.

For the best viewing experience, it is recommended to view the modular units in full screen.



Purpose of Lulame and context of campaign.

At Lulame, we firmly believe that every South African should have access to premier healthcare products. It was with immense pride that we recently unveiled the culmination of our efforts at our inaugural launch event. Enraptured attendees appreciated the onsite tour of one of modular, mobile healthcare units.


Easily deployed smart, modular mobile medical units.

Our collective vision at Lulame is to offer products that rejuvenate an overwhelmed healthcare system through collaborative ingenuity. Lulame’s innovative design ensures swift deployment, catering to a diverse set of on-site healthcare requirements.

Download our product brochure for a quick-view of Lulame’s comprehensive range of modular healthcare units.

Purchase or lease*. Your modular Lulame healthcare solution is a click away.