Mobile modular medical units. Use when needed, where needed.

Deploy medical units in a crisis, or expand your operation with bespoke units like Lulame Bio-safety Lab, Surgery or Examination suites.

Lulame Core Unit

Basic needs covered.

The Core unit solution, while basic in terms of inclusions, provides a fully functional hospital-grade medical facility that, because of its modular design, can be deployed wherever necessary, efficiently, and at global quality standards. 

The Lulame Core solution is pre-configured with the following examples providing insights for the typical use case for this offering:

Screening units
Primary health
Chronic tests
Post-op care

Our products are top of the line for screening, examination, testing and isolation high care. The unit offers a full modular system, with flexibility to be used as a whole system or customised and scaled to the customer’s needs.

Finishes abide by NIH, CDC and WHO design standards. Our world renowned shipping partners will service our local and global customers through any of the major ports in South Africa and by road freight into all major bordering countries.

For inclusions such as air-conditioning and water tank, as well as Smart-healthcare features such as access control and CCTV, view the Lulame Advanced Unit solution.

Lulame Advanced Unit

Extensive inclusions.

Introducing our advanced modular unit – the ultimate solution for your needs. This state-of-the-art unit comes fully equipped with everything that our basic modular unit offers, plus so much more.

One feature that sets our advanced modular unit apart is its sustainable solar power system, providing you with a clean and reliable source of energy. You’ll also have access to a water tank for easy and convenient access to clean water, and air conditioning to keep you comfortable and cool.

Our advanced modular unit has been designed to meet all of your requirements, and we’re confident that you’ll love the extensive list of inclusions that come with it.

Here are just a few of the key features:

A 12m B Grade HC Modular Unit with an ACP internal wall and ceiling system (insulated), reinforced steel structure for windows, doors, and partitions, and timber doors and framing painted including hardware.

A security gate, two aluminum glazed sliding windows with burglar bars, and Medivinyl flooring with cove skirting for added safety and security.

A kitchenette unit that includes an under-counter 10L hot water geyser, rinse sink, and plumbing, as well as a storage room for services equipment and medical supplies. A full electrical installation with lights, plug points, DB Board, and COC, as well as electronics enabling works with conduits and draw boxes for your convenience.

Lulame Signage for easy identification and recognition.

Two 60L water storage tanks (roof mounted) for easy access to clean water.

A 5KVA solar system with 8 solar panels and 2 x 100ah lithium ion batteries for a clean and reliable source of energy.

Two 9000Btu air-conditioning split units to keep you comfortable and cool.

Two desks, six visitors chairs, two executive chairs, one examination bed, and one examination swivel chair, as well as a storage cabinet (store room) to meet all of your needs.Our advanced modular unit is the perfect solution for those who demand the very best. Contact us today to learn more about this incredible product and how it can benefit you.

Secure Mobile Connectivity
Health Information Management System
Remote Care Collaboration Telemedicine
Smart Security Services
End-user and Cloud Computer

Lulame Bespoke Suites

Tailor-made range.

Lulame Bespoke suites are;

- Turnkey so all preferences are matched;
- Modular in design enabling a unique set-up, per unique location;
- Ready-to-use after delivery.

The Lulame Examination Suite

This is a full medical examination suite that features top-of-the-range medical finishes, including medical-grade floor and wall linings that create a robust and hygienic surface that is easy-to- clean, sanitise, and maintain, reducing effort and costs.

The suite also includes coving, capping, and drain systems that eliminate dirt and bacteria build-up, as well as cabinets and joinery that meet medical grade standards.

With a focus on safety, this suite offers a secure environment for examining patients and can be fully equipped upon request.

The Lulame Bio-Safety Lab

The Lulame Bespoke solution is customised based on customer requirements. Examples of the typical use cases for the Lulame Bespoke suite include; Rapid ICU, Theatre, Extensions, Temporary units, Renal: dialysis, and Radiology.
Industry leading bio-containment and on-site virus testing laboratory
Built to WHO and NIH guidelines
Divided into designated pressurised work zones to prevent cross-contamination.
Industry leading containment HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) and pressurisation systems creating a hermetic (airtight) environment.
HEPA filtered supply air system with the primary containment equipment for a safe sample flow throughout the laboratory process.
HEPA Filtered sample transfer airlocks centrally located in the Laboratory Command Center allow for samples to be processed into the laboratory while maintaining robust Chain of Custody Procedures.
Medical grade stainless steel pressurised doors providing a sterile and airtight facility.
Floor to ceiling medical grade linings which create a robust surface coating that is sterile, easy-to-clean, and reduces maintenance effort and costs.
Hermetic Mobility Biocontainment Lab is delivered fully-equipped and ready for on-site commissioning.